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Take a look at what Lyles Dobermans client said about his dogs.

Lana Janczyszyn

'' I absolutely LOVE my dog!!! I highly recommend anyone that wants a Doberman to go here. He cares for his dogs and is a kind hearted person. Very knowledgeable as well. I have nothing but good things to say. Thank you for my baby boy!!! ''
About 3 years ago

Debbie Cwick

'' Ok, so my hubby and i have been looking at Doberman f.b. pages for quite some time looking for a new addition to our family. We love the dobies. We kept coming back to Lyles European Dobermans f.b. because he has some magnificent looking Dobies, by far. We saw one female pup at 10 weeks old and we had to go and meet her.

Lyle was so obliging as to the date and time of us coming to meet this beauty. We met his wonderful family who then introduced us to the amazing fury baby girl. Truly a loving family operation. We fell in love with her immediately. We brought our new fury baby home yesterday. She is so intelligent. My son taught her how to go up the stairs already and she listens to every word said. She already learned how to sit and stay. And is so proud when she get rewarded.

Thank you Lyle and Family for your kindness and all the information you gave us to help us along with our new baby. We will definitely keep you posted on our new girl. Paul and Debbie Cwick ''
About 2 years ago

Joanna Zhang

'' For a period of time I was extremely interested in getting a Doberman. And Lyles was very helpful and informative about the situation of the dogs, and when you do business with him you know he really cares about both the dogs and the family purchasing the dogs being satisfied. Lyles spent hours discussing the different puppies with us, sadly we ended up not purchasing due to financial reasons and time management issues. I highly recommend lyles and understand how he became a reputable breeder: by really caring about his costomers and being extremely understanding, trust-worthy, helpful and patient. When I do purchase a Doberman in a few years, I'll consider getting it from no one by Lyles! ''
August 19 at 8:15am

Kay Spinks

'' This is the BEST way to get a doberman! Lyles is so professional and the dogs are absolutely beautiful. After doing some research I've found that most breeders just want to send the dog in a box after you pay?. Lyles invites you into his home, let you hold the puppies and showcases his amazing training expertise. I can tell this is more than just a business to him and he has a long history with this breed. The dogs were healthy, happy and very welcoming. I can't wait until we get our dog in a few weeks. BTW he also offers support after your purchase what more could you ask for? ''
February 16

Valerie Steidinger

'' Today is day one with my new puppy. He's Awesome....been home about 20 minutes. Took care of business outside, had a bath and now is enjoying everything in his toy box! Thank you so much for this Beautiful boy. ''
About 2 years ago

Ife Iboni

'' Love our pup had him for about 3 weeks now and he's already potty trained knows how to sit and gets in the kennel on command this is really impressive because I've never got any of my dogs to do any of these things. Thanks Lyles!!! ''
About 10 months ago

Lana Janczyszyn

'' Its been about a week since we got our 4month old pup. We drove from neb to ill. Quency welcomed us into his home giving us lots of good info and letting us see his other dogs. Couldnt have had a better introduction! Our dobie is one of the best natured dogs and we get compliments every where we take her. Thanks for the great experience and a great dog! ''
July 23

Ramiro Madrigal

'' Quency has the best dobermans I have ever seen, I highly recommend going to him. He is very knowledgeable about the breed. Will definitely be back for another in the future. ''
May 19